Everyone needs prayer, from time to time. Or, every day. I know how I want this to look, and I hope that you will agree with how powerful this can be if we are all on the same page here. I am going to open up the comments on this page. Each comment will be open for a certain amount of time. What you can do, is comment that you need prayer–and what you need us to pray about.

Then, other like-minded Christians will come to the site, see that you need someone to pray for you, and voila! After they are done, they can (could) comment back to let you know that they prayed for you. That way, you can see that others are praying for you, and even get to know them on some level. If you want to keep it a secret, and only want me to pray for you, just say that it is a secret. I won’t be publishing any comments that say secret on them, and they will all have to go through me, anyway.

I hope you see the power of this.


  1. I pray that people would find their way to this site and be encouraged in their walk with the Lord. Please join me in prayer.

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