Christian Book Reviews

I love to read. However, I only read books that are conducive to my relationship with God. What I mean, is that I don’t just read a book to be entertained, though some books do entertain me. Instead, I only try to read books that will grow me in some way. My goal with these book reviews are two fold, and I’m going to be honest with you here.

  1. My first goal is to help you find great books. As it should be.
  2. My second goal is to help you buy some books from my Amazon affiliate link.

Now, if you never buy a book that I’ve linked to, or decide to go buy it in a store, I won’t hold it against you. Really. Why? Because I have complete and utter trust in our Lord. I know that he will give me the resources that my family needs to survive.

My goal with the entire website is not to make money. Rather, my goal is to help you get closer to the Lord, even though you have insanely busy days. This is why I designed the site so you only have to visit it once, and that is to sign up for the newsletter. Once you do that, you can get the newsletter to your inbox each day–never having to set your proverbial foot inside my site again.

However, if you like to read, and would like for me to earn a tiny big of money, please use my link. Either way, I’m thankful that the Lord has blessed me with you.

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